Wed, Jan 18, 2017

Get Intentional Groups (GIG)

Life is moving at a faster pace than ever. As the Information Age moved into overload during the late 1990's, the Attention Age pushed its way into our lives. From social media sites like Facebook to the proliferation of marketing pieces in our mailboxes, we are the first generation navigating life with so many things vying for our attention.

In the midst of these attention grabbers, it's easy to miss the still soft voices of our children, parents, friends and neighbors. They need more than a quick text message or Facebook comment from us.  And as we lay awake at night, our own minds begin to ask "Am I living out my life purpose?" "What is my purpose?" Stop the overload!

Get Intentional Groups (GIG) formed in 2007 to help individuals live intentionally.  In response to the Attention Overload age, GIG helps individuals discover their purpose for being here and how that plays out in day-to-day living. During weekly GIG meetings, individuals review the past week of intentional (or not so intentional!) living and focus on the week to come.

From meal planning to schedules to time with kids, your GIG helps you navigate day-to-day living.  All the while, GIG members are fulfilling short and long-term goals for their life. GIG leaders help their group of 5-6 women through a 1 1/2 hour process of evaluation and planning that ends with a time of sharing their goals and needs for the upcoming week. The group provides that extra encouragement to live out their lives intentionally.

A Few GIG Benefits

  • Life goals are reached
  • Family time is enhanced
  • Marriages are strengthened
  • Friendships become more than a social media relationship
  • Sleeping through the night comes back into the picture
  • Healthier living becomes a habit
  • Budgets are maintained and financial goals realized
  • Support from a group of caring friends